Workplace English

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The OU Center for English as a Second Language has been teaching English to international students for three decades. Now we’re bringing our expertise to employers in Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Let us help you create the kind of communication in your workplace that will help your employees thrive and reach their maximum potential within your company.

Workplace English

Language Skills for Employability

The employers of Oklahoma – the ranchers and farmers, the entrepreneurs, the corporations and the small businesses – are the backbone of a strong economy. People from different countries and different language backgrounds bring a strong work ethic and unique perspective to the table, which can broaden the talent pool employers access. With over 33,000 new jobs needing to be filled in Oklahoma by the year 2025, Workplace English can help employers meet their hiring goals and increase retention rates. Employers and workers must work together in today’s diverse landscape to build a strong workforce. We can help make this happen.

Workplace English

How we can help you

We will work with you to create a customized program that meets the specific needs of your organization. Our carefully crafted course will help your employees develop the language skills they need to communicate effectively in their jobs, no matter their level of English proficiency, level of occupational expertise, or country of origin. For more information and a free estimate, contact Jaime Ladd.

What we offer

English Language Training and Cultural Training

No matter what business or industry you're in, we can design a curriculum that fits your company's specific needs.

General English

We offer training for everyday English communication skills that allow employees to converse with their manager, their coworkers, and the public. These skills also benefit workers by giving them a stronger sense of belonging to not only the company in which they work, but also the communities in which they live.

Specific Workplace English

We can help employees understand vocabulary, phrases, terminology, commands, and signage that are commonly used and specific to their job/industry.

Pronunciation/Accent Reduction

We can provide targeted accent training that can address common language barriers and increase comprehension and clarity for both the listener and speaker.

Cultural Training

Communication goes beyond the words that we speak. Our programs can help employees understand appropriate and acceptable behavior, customs, and speech in the United States.


English Language Education Holds Many Benefits for Your Employees


Strengthens communication within your organization


Boosts employee performance, morale, and confidence


Improves customer satisfaction


Increases worker productivity


Increases occupational safety and health awareness


Reduces employee turnover


Improves operational efficiencies


Increases ability to communicate concerns properly and provide feedback


Increases the likelihood of diversity in leadership positions


Promotes overall harmony in your workplace culture

Customized Courses

We work with you to develop a customized course that speaks to your specific needs. Through our initial Needs Analysis phase, we are able to create a program that aligns with your company’s unique goals. Whether you have a team of physicians who need to improve their communication with their staff and patients, or workers on an assembly line who need to be able to move quickly, meet a quota, or just understand policies and best practices better, we can help.

This includes but is not limited to:


We establish an on-site curriculum through job shadowing and meeting with key supervisors and departments. We target where and how we can meet the specific language needs of your employees to help you reach your company’s language objectives. Our curriculum is content-specific and takes into consideration the materials, duties, and responsibilities that your workers are accountable for on a daily basis.


We establish benchmarks to measure your workers' progress and programmatic success. We offer a variety of practical pre and post assessments that ensure that your company’s investment in the program is being met with progress and is having a positive impact on both employees and company.

Comprehensive Skills Integration

We can integrate all four skills including reading, writing, speaking, and listening into our lesson plans using authentic materials that are relevant to your company, or just focus on one or two skills, depending on the goals of your company.

Conflict Resolution

We can help your workers identify the language that is most useful when trying to manage cultural differences. This includes strategies for better listening/responding, solving a disagreement, or reporting an issue that needs to be addressed. Instruction will be focused on vocabulary that can improve the probability of a positive resolution.

Best Practices

We can prepare your workers to navigate common business practices such as email, telephone, and meeting etiquette just to name a few.

American Cultural Expectations

We clarify language nuances and help your workers understand what is culturally appropriate and acceptable in the workplace and how that affects your business.

Understanding American Symbols and Signs

We help workers make the distinction between what American signs and symbols mean versus what they might mean in other countries and cultures.

Nonverbal Communication

We help workers understand how body language can be interpreted, misused, or misunderstood.

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